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Baby Biker I Men Leather Pant I Black I 32"

Baby Biker I Men Leather Pant I Black I 32"

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Brand: Baby Biker

Protection: Level-2 I Thigh and Knee

Style:  Leather Pant

Fabric: Leather

Liner: None

Condition: Slightly Damaged I Polished


Leather: Leather pants are a classic choice for riders seeking a combination of style and protection. They offer excellent abrasion resistance and are typically made from high-quality cowhide or buffalo leather. Leather pants may have additional reinforcement in critical areas, such as knees and hips, and often feature armor inserts for impact protection.


Leather: Leather is a classic choice for motorcycle riding pants due to its excellent abrasion resistance. It provides a high level of protection in case of a fall or slide. Leather pants are durable, long-lasting, and offer good wind resistance. However, they may be less breathable and less suitable for hot weather riding.


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