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Frank Thomas I Men Touring Pant I Black I 36"-38"

Frank Thomas I Men Touring Pant I Black I 36"-38"

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Brand: Frank Thomas

Protection: Level-2 | Thigh and Knee

Style:  Touring

Fabric: Textile

Liner: Water-proof

Condition: Very Good


Textile: Textile fabrics like nylon, polyester, or Cordura® are popular choices for riding pants. They are typically lightweight, breathable, and offer good flexibility and comfort. Textile pants often incorporate abrasion-resistant panels in high impact areas, such as the knees and hips, for added protection. They can also feature waterproof membranes or removable liners for weather versatility.


Touring :Touring pants in motorcycle riding are specially designed pants that provide comfort, protection, and functionality for riders on long-distance journeys or touring expeditions.


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