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DAINESE I Unisex Sport Jacket I Multicolor I S

DAINESE I Unisex Sport Jacket I Multicolor I S

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Condition: Very Good

Size(in): Chest 36"-38" I Height 23" I Shoulder 16" 

Protection: Level-2 | Back, Shoulder and Elbow

Style: Sport/Street

Fabric: Mesh


Sport/Street: Sport or street type jackets for motorcyclists are specifically designed to provide a combination of style, performance, and protection. These jackets are popular among riders who prefer a sleek and streamlined look while seeking enhanced functionality.


Mesh: Mesh fabrics are designed to provide maximum airflow and ventilation, making them ideal for riding in hot weather. Mesh jackets feature large perforated panels that allow air circulation, keeping the rider cool while still offering some level of protection.

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